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Jesus talk to be discouraged in ‘inclusive’ Qld schools. Australia.

Postby Ironman » Thu Jul 27, 2017 6:24 pm

Christmas cards, Jesus talk to be discouraged in ‘inclusive’ Qld schools. Australia.
CHRISTMAS cards and Jesus talk may be quashed in Queensland school yards after a review into religious instruction by the state’s education department.
The Australian has today revealed that the move to discourage Christianity references in the state’s school yards comes as part of a bid to crack down on “junior evangelists” who may be imposing their beliefs on non-Christians.

The publication reported that the recent directive from the Queensland Department of Education and Training came after a review into the GodSpace religious instruction materials and is designed to promote inclusivity in schools.
“While not explicitly prohibited by the (legislation), nor referenced in the Religious Instruction (RI) policy, the department expects schools to take appropriate action if aware that students participating in RI are evangelising to students who do not,” The Australian reported the department’s ­report said.

“This could adversely affect the school’s ability to provide a safe, supportive and inclusive ­environment.”
A statement from Education Queensland when the report into GodSpace was released earlier this year said: “Queensland state schools embrace a multitude of cultural, religious and non-religious beliefs and encourage students to grow and develop as a whole person, in particular, in beliefs, values and attitudes. State schools respect the background and beliefs of all students and staff by not promoting, or being perceived as promoting, any particular set of beliefs in preference to another.”

According to The Australian, the Education Department defines “evangelising” as “preaching or advocating a cause or religion with the object of making converts to Christianity”.
Examples cited include giving Christianity-themed Christmas cards and Christmas tree decorations and making beaded bracelets to give to friends “as a way of sharing the good news about Jesus”.
The department launched the review into religious instruction materials in the state’s schools last year, after one school found another popular program, Connect, taught children “every single person has sinned and rejected God and deserves to be punished”.
The program was accused of “soliciting” students who did not have a faith and one Brisbane principal suspended it in his school.
However, an the report into that program found, “Connect materials are, in the main, aligned with legislation and departmental policy, procedures and frameworks”.

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