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AL QAEDA: Al Zawahiri Praises 9 11

Post by Ironman » Fri Sep 09, 2016 7:40 pm

AL QAEDA: Al Zawahiri Praises 9 11 Attacks While Threatening More in New Audio Message September 09
Two days ahead of the 15th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri released a new audio message on September 9 praising the attacks, while also threatening to carry out more attacks against the United States. Al-Zawahiri said, ?The events of 9/11 were a direct result of your crimes against us, your crimes in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Mali, Somalia, Yemen, Islamic Maghreb, and Egypt [and] the result of your occupation of Muslim lands?As long as your atrocities continue, 9/11 will be repeated 1,000 times over by the will of Allah until the Day of Judgement.? Per previously released audio messages, al-Zawahiri reiterated his call for the unification of mujahideen groups across the Middle East, while also urging them to begin carrying out attacks against the ?US and its crusader allies on their own soil.? He also speaks out against Islamic movements that have sprouted up since the Arab Spring, referring to them as ?agents of the US.? He concludes the video by pivoting his message towards African Americans, both Muslim and non-Muslim, who he claims are suffering at the hands of the US government. Invoking the spirit of Malcolm X, al-Zawahiri says, ?America is the source of calamity and the head of evil in this world, and it is the thief of nations? aliment, and it is the one who humiliate the Africans until this day, and no matter how much they try to reform and obtain their rights according to the law and the constitution, they will not attain it, for the law is in the hands of the white majority, who control it as they wish. And they will not be saved but by Islam.? Credit: YouTube/As-Sahab ... ptember-09

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